So, I started a Tumblr…

Because I don’t have enough already going on in life. Actually, in the course of looking for images to illustrate the Tilting at Windmills series, I was reminded of how particular the acceptable body language is for art museum patrons. You know the pose, hands clasped behind the back, weight on one leg, body leaned back ever so slightly. Yeah, that one… So I started collecting images and I’d love your submissions to “People Behaving Appropriately at Art Museums”. It’s early days still, so join in the fun!

UPDATE: I changed the URL to so it can hopefully expand beyond a strictly personal one.


  1. Very fun Ed! Re: Tablet snapper. Just saw Sargent exhibit at MFA with several folks looking-at-their-tablet-looking-at-art. For each and every one of the 90+ pieces. Seriously? Just interact with the art, and buy the f-ing catalogue!


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