My book

So I’m writing a book. “What is it about?” you ask. Well, hopefully you’ll help me figure that out. Here’s what I can tell you at the moment.

TITLE: Opportunities for Engagement:

SUBTITLE: Elements of Compelling Museum Experiences in a Digital Age

This book will explore the challenges around creating compelling museums experiences in a digital age, lay out several wicked problems that hinder the museum field from capitalizing on their expertise and creativity of their staff and avenues to address them, and posit ways to create meaningful, content-rich museum experiences that are able to combine authoritative research with authentic audience participation and embodied engagement.

For more information, visit the Google doc of the current outline. If you want to comment, please make sure you’re logged into a Google account first, otherwise your comments will show up as “Anonymous” Also, be sure to fill out the collaborators’ form, so I can thank you appropriately!

For more information on how to help, Go look in the “The Book” menu, and you’ll find a page on opportunities.