A Series of Epistolary Romances. The second experiment by the CODE|WORDS collective.

Detail from Brieflezende Vrouw, by Johannes Vermeer. PD image courtesy of the Rijksmuseum

The second CODE | WORDS experiment is called “A Series of Epistolary Romances”. Like the first experiment, it is designed to generate and facilitate online discussion about topics of import to the international museum community. This experiment will endeavor to privilege the discursive, conversational element that the original project was unable to generate. A Series of Epistolary Romances” is comprised of twelve pairs of authors who will correspond with each other over the course of at least a month about a particular topic of interest to the community.

My correspondence with Lesley Kadish, titled “Immersion, the Senses, and Embodied Experiences” focused on “Immersion”; one of those words that gets used a lot, and can be difficult to pin down. The idea of feeling completely engulfed by an environment is a powerful one for experience designers, and the benefits of immersion and learning outcomes is well-studied.

This month, Lesley and Ed discuss their interest in multisensory experiences in museums. Lesley and Ed were introduced after Lesley’s fascinating “Digital Accessibility and the Senses” session at MCN2015. Both are interested in the complex interplay of simultaneous sensory input, the embodied experience of the senses, and of immersion.

Citation: Rodley, E. ed. (2015).  https://medium.com/a-series-of-epistolary-romances