Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination

00 Star Wars CasesideI had the pleasure of soliciting the authors for this companion book to the Museum of Science’s exhibition of the same name, editing the essays and contributing a couple of pieces myself.  A perfect souvenir for visitors to the exhibition, currently on its second U.S. tour, as well as the millions who have made Star Wars one of the most successful epics in entertainment history, this is a book guaranteed to delight film fans and the technologically savvy alike.

The book probes the amazing interface between movie magic and practical science in a series of essays.  Star Wars designers and builders discuss their creative process and inspirations, while real world scientists and engineers present advances made right here on Earth that are every bit as exciting as anything in the movies.  These exciting advances, often fraught with peril, are explored by the book’s technological experts, who consider the risky implications and possible consequences of their inventions.


Citation: Museum of Science. (2005). Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination. (E. Rodley, Ed.). National Geographic.