Being teachable

This is a piece I wrote for the UX blog about November 2016 and three remarkable conferences I attended. Museum Computer Network, Alibis for Interaction, and Clash of Realities. In the space of three weeks, I attended three very different, supremely impactful events. And being a narrative-creating kind of being, I’ve been looking for the story that links them and distills and synthesizes the powerful energies running through each. It’s been a hard slog. Each event in own right would’ve merited a lengthy recap, but coming in quick succession it’s been a bit like getting swamped by a wave and fighting to get back up to the surface just as the next wave hits you. I really do feel a bit battered, but mostly I feel grateful to have been in places where magic was happening.

Citation: Rodley, E. (2016). Being teachable. Retrieved from