Humanizing the Digital: Unproceedings from the MCN 2018 Conference

MCN’s 2018 conference, Humanizing the Digital, explored how museums can use technology to foster human connection and dialogue, advance accessibility and inclusion, and champion inquiry and knowledge. After witnessing the presentations and rich conversations that arose from them, a group of practitioners came together to explore how best to capture and disseminate the learnings that occurred at the conference. The outcome was a decision to solicit and publish a book inspired by the conference and its ideas.

Humanizing the Digital: Unproceedings from the MCN 2018 Conference contains 17 conference-inspired responses to the state of museum technology in 2018, including essays, reflections, case studies, conversations, and an experimental in-book zine. The topics explore areas as diverse as calm technology, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, visitor-centered communication, interpretation and programming, empathy, inclusion and slow change.

NOTE: All profits from books purchased directly from the publishers will go towards the MCN scholarship program, which helps new people attend the MCN conference. We encourage attentive online shopping choices, as purchases from other sellers will decrease contributions to support the MCN community.