Thoughts on the Museums Computer Group 2019 conference

I had the great good fortune to be in London in October for the MCG19 conference, and they just published my reflection on the event. I’d watched MCG via Twitter for years, but never had the chance to attend until now. And I am very glad I did. The theme of ‘Openness’ was incredibly timely, and the talks all explored some of the interesting frontiers of museums’ ongoing quest to figure out what it means to be more open and accessible to more audiences, both digital and physical. Check it out!

Defining “engagement”

Imagine a typical museum visitor in the act of “being engaged” by something at the museum. What are they doing? Thinking? Feeling? Can you describe what that “engagement” looks like? How can you know that visitor is engaged as opposed to confused or looking at their email? Is engagement like pornography; hard to define but you know it when you see it? I don’t think so.

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