What to do?

So I’m stuck with three half-finished posts all competing for my limited attention and time.  Help!  Like all brainchildren, I love them each deeply, but obviously I need to focus on getting one done. Which one should go first? They are:

  • Still more gold to be mined from Kristen Purcell’s MW2011 keynote on mobile usage trends and how museum apps could take advantage of them.
  • A synthesis of what I learned at MW2011 and how I hope to apply that learning in the coming year.
  • Thoughts on the similarities between Agile Development with Scrum and exhibit development and how the former could influence the latter.

They’ll all get done (I’ve got a couple of transcontinental flights coming next week), but somebody needs to come first.  Help me decide which one, please!


  1. Hmm Ed, I can’t decide between the first two. But there are few opportunities to geek out together on data, so in a pinch I’d go for number one.
    Looking forward to all three posts.


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