Boston Bruins vs. Boston Museum Tech posse

The wheel of Karma has gone round and after years of shame, the Boston Bruins once again stand on the edge of greatness.  Tomorrow night in Vancouver, Game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals will be played to see who is the next National Hockey League champion.

Tomorrow night is also the next scheduled meeting of the Boston Museum Techs meetup group at the Field, in Cambridge.  Given the emotional nature of the finals thus far, I expect the Field to be packed (along with every other bar with a TV in the Metropolitan area) with Bs fans.  So, I wanted to check with y’all whether you wanna mingle or fall back for a quieter night, like Thursday. This poll will be up only for a day, so vote early and often.



89% voted for moving, so we will *not* meet tomorrow night. Bruins fans, go forth and celebrate.  Let’s do Thursday, then, shall we?

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