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Today has been one of those rare days when work life is just all good; intensely satisfying, full of interesting new learnings and that flow experience of everything seeming to connect to everything else I’m working on. Heady stuff.

Kinda says it all, doesn't it?

However into every life a little rain must fall.  I was marking up a colleague’s ASTC program with sessions I wish I was going to and I came across this depressing edit that says so much about the current state of the field.

So to combat this bleak little tidbit and to live up to the challenges I talked about in my recent post on asking the important questions, I thought I’d offer up a couple of encouraging tidbits I received recently.

Educator-Arts Program Manager, Boston Children’s Museum
Loren Stolow from the Boston Children’s Museum wrote me to spread the word that they are looking to offer someone “an exciting, full time with benefits, not so awful paying, museum job”.  Ideally it will be someone with experience in direct teaching in art and early childhood, and strong Boston arts community connections who could coordinate innovative, engaging, diverse shows and events.

Program Manager, Toura 
Want to get into mobile app development without being a Ruby on Rails dev or Android genius? Toura is looking for a Program Manager in NYC.  “We are looking for a superstar to join our @touramobile team.” Check out the link for the description. It could be a great start in a growing sector of the museum biz.

Check it out!

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