Drinking About Museums: Boston – April 26th, 6PM @ Church

Flickr image by Mr Kael

Hola comrades,

Sorry for the lateness of the reminder, but here it is. This month, we’ll be visiting the Museum of Fine Arts for the next Drinking About Museums: Boston. This month we have a new location: Church, at 69 Kilmarnock St, Boston, MA 02215
(617) 236-7600. See the map below for more.  Jenna says there is a lot nearby that might have free parking in the evenings. Call Church to check.

For those you who can skip out of work a little early, we’ll be meeting Ms Fleming and Co. in the Behind the Scenes gallery on the 1st floor of the Art of the Americas Wing, to try out some of their work and hear a little about the results of the evaluations of the spaces. She’ll be there at 4:15, and you’ll have to get yourselves into the Museum. We’ll plan on being over at Church a little before 6, so join us for some or all.



UPDATE:: If you have questions or get lost, DM me at @erodley


  1. When you arrive at Church, turn left toward the bar and you will see our meetup area — it’ll be a group of roped-off pub tables near the back of the bah. 🙂 There’s a reservation in my name in case you prefer to check in. Anyone who wants to come earlier is welcome! I’ll probably be there by 5:30.


  2. Very excited to attend Church with you all…… I won’t be able to arrive until about 7:30 Thanks for getting the reservation…. roped off tables, nice!


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