Drinking About Museums: Boston – May recap and June date

Writing assignments have been keeping me so busy that I realized I hadn’t posted anything about our May meeting.  Last week, we met at the Museum of Science, where attendees were treated to a presentation by Beth Amtmann and other MOS staff about some of the prototypes under construction for the Museum’s Upcoming Hall of Human Life exhibition. I demoed a new touchscreen we’ve installed in the Colby Room, and talked about plans for an assistive mode for visually-impaired visitors we’re developing.  Turnout was good and we had guests from as far off as Portland, Maine (Hi, Rob!)

Afterwards, we adjourned to Lingo for a rollicking good time.  Finding a place that doesn’t mind when you completely rearrange the tables is a real plus. I might offer Lingo up again as a place to meet.

I mentioned it in person to a few folks, but here’s the official announcement of our next meetup.

June 7th

deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum, Lincoln, MA 01773

details to follow

Please join us for part or all of the festivities!