Next Drinking About Museums: Boston – Thursday, July 19th @ Boston Children’s Museum

Happy Summer, friends!

Margarita glasses
by Flickr user Creativity+ Timothy K Hamilton

It’s time for the latest installment in our global domination campaign/museum visits followed by drinking. This month, we’re visiting the Boston Children’s Museum for show and tell, courtesy of Marla Quinones and the BCM staff, and then adjourning to Lucky’s Lounge for drinks and more lively conversation.  We’ll share more details on the topic as they become available.

We’ll be at BCM at 5PM, and plan to be at Lucky’s around 6PM.  DM me (@erodley) if you get lost or delayed.

Boston Chiuldren’s Museum
308 Congress Street, Boston, MA

Lucky’s Lounge
355 Congress Street, Boston, MA
(617) 357-5825 ‎ ·

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