Recap: Drinking About Museums @ Heritage Museums & Gardens

Despite my trepidation, we had a great turnout for our longest Drinking About Museums trip to date.  A dozen of us trekked down to Cape Cod to explore the Heritage Museums and Gardens, courtesy of Jan Crocker.  It was fascinating to hear what the Museum and to look at some of the challenges of working in a small museum that encompasses historical and art collections, indoor and outdoor spaces, as well as extensive living collections. So many topics, so much space, so little time, and of course, only so much money to go around.

We had some good exchanges of ideas, and I think Jan got some useful feedback. I know my yardstick for success for these events is when two people who haven’t met or interacted say, “You should talk to _____!” and business cards and addresses get passed back and forth. That happened a few times, so I’m going to call it a good night.  Here are some photos of the event.