Next Drinking About Museums: BOS, Thursday, Oct. 25 @ USS Constitution Museum

Greetings friends! Our next installment of  Drinking About Museums: Boston will be closer to home this month, on Thursday, October 25 . We’re going to head to the USS Constitution Museum in Charlestown. Our plan is to meet in the Lobby at the Museum of Science at 3:45. We can then walk through North Point Park and over the swanky new pedestrian bridge over the tracks and arrive in Charlestown.  If you need to drive, let me know ASAP, because there is a slight chance we can arrange a parking space at the Museum with prior warning. (It’s administered by the US Govt, so security is a concern.)

We will have a conversation with Rebecca Crawford and Robert Kiihne about the newest gallery addition to the Museum and about exhibit and program design that happens hand in hand. They’d love to get feedback from us on the exhibit which is still in its nascent stages. 

After that, we’re off for a drink at the Ironside Grill. DM me (@erodley) if you have questions.

See you there!