final lineup for Museums Showoff: Boston, Wednesday, September 25th


Well, it’s on! The date’s set, the venue’s booked, and we’re planning to Show Off! Our latest Drinking About Museums experiment in participatory, informal, after-hours professional development/networking is two weeks away. Of our ten slots, we’ve already filled half! If you’ve got something you’re excited about sharing with an enthusiastic group of museum types in a laid back, casual setting, now is the time to chime in!

The roster includes:

Brad Larson, who will describe his Museum Puppet Throwdown experiment in Providence.

Kellian Adams, Boston’s favorite museum gamemaker, who will talk about some of the issues around location based game.

Marc Check and Ben Wilson, who will have to speak at least 2000 millilampsons to cover all the cool things they’re working on, like location aware technologies, 3-D multi-touch interactive environments,  and deconstruction interface technologies like Kinect/Leap/and other hacks.

Catrina Hill, who will talk about museums and diversity.

John Overholt, who may talk about books. One can never tell.

Ed Rodley,who will be freshly back from Cleveland (City of Light, City of Magic) and dying to talk about his experiences at Gallery OneMONA, and immersion in museums.

Jeffery Jacobson, who will tell us about his NSF-funded “Living Forest” interactive environment, as well as group activities and engagement in interactive domes.

Rob Landry, who may want to extoll the virtues of Responsive Design, or putting a collection online, or how to build a mobile tour publishing app using open source tools. 

Mic Billingsley, who will try not lay too much semiotics on you as he explores minds, museums and misunderstandings.

What do you want to show off about? Leave your name and topic below and we’ll add you to the already stellar roster below!


  1. This is something I’d love to see/participate in, but 6pm on a Wednesday is never going to be possible for me (and I assume a fair number of others who don’t live/work in Boston). Any chance that next time this happens it could be at 7 on a Friday?


  2. Where are you at, Lucinda? We’re game to try anything. We settled on a weeknight since so many people had plans on weekends. Tues-Weds seem to be our best nights thus far for attendance.


  3. Hello all. I work at PEM with Ed and (if poked) I’ll probably talk about a presentation I’m working on for the NEMA conference on museums and diversity.


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