Photos from the 9/25 Drinking About Museums!

Drinking About Museums: Boston has reached some new heights with last Wednesday’s test run of a Museums Showoff format! We had approximately 60 people (that’s about triple our usual attendance, btw) and nine brave volunteers who covered an amazing variety of topics.

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It was great to see so many new faces, and to see how positive the vibe was throughout the whole event. One first timer told me that she thought the format really lowered the bar for participation, which sounds strange at first, since it’s more formal and structured. But as someone who didn’t know many people, being able to stand and watch other people felt less stressful than trying to break into a group hangout would’ve felt. That’s my learning for the night.

The venue was great, aside from a microphone problem. I’ll happily go back to the Hong Kong. All the speakers are to be commended for being daring enough to volunteer! The rest of you are on notice for next month. What’s your topic going to be?


  1. Great to see/meet everyone! I thank you for not throwing rotten vegetables, and Marc – I hope you and the gang from the Museum of Science got a chuckle out of the responsive home page I created for you! 😉

    So many other interesting talks! Lots going on at museums. Cheers!


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