Highlights from Drinking About Museums: 1/22/14

by Ed Rodley

Despite the bitter temperatures and a nagging cold on my part, Drinking About Museums happened last Wednesday, and seemed to be enjoyed by the 20-odd people who attended. A lot of new faces were there! At one point, we had three (!) evaluators in the room at the same time. The Hong Kong was as hospitable as ever, and it was after 10 before the last two people took themselves home. It was also Museum Selfie day around the world and our small contribution to the event was this:

Good looking group, even in the dark!

I put the strong arm on a bunch of people to sign up for February’s event. We’ll be trying out the Museums Showoff format again, and response has been gratifying. There are only a couple of slots left, so get your name in if you’re dying to show off in front of your colleagues. The signup form is here:

See you February 19th!


  1. Ed,

    Thank you for hosting this – sorry I missed it.

    The link to the sign up form for February was not working.


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    1. We do! Our major concern is finding places amenable to groups of indeterminate number coming and maybe not buying much food. Got any suggestions?


      1. Boston Beer Works or Clarke’s are the only two that I think have a large enough space for people and can be quietish if there isn’t a game going on. Maybe the Kinsale? Most places, though, are too tiny for a large group that isn’t going to spend money.


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