Boston Museum Geeks assembled!

Flickr image by Mr Kael

Last night, a varied group of folks who are interested in new technology in museums convened at the Eastern Standard for the first of (hopefully) many regular, informal meetups, where we can get to know each other better, share what we’re working on, and seek input from each other, and generally build more community.  Huge props to Jesse Kochis from the MFA for getting us started by picking a place and time!

The event came together at the last-minute, but it was a total score as far as I’m concerned. We had almost a dozen people on no notice, and my email filled up with regrets from people who apparently need at least 2 days notice to go to evening events.  People were swapping business cards, people were saying “Is there some way I can…?” and other people could reply, “Sure! You need to…” It successfully captured some of that conference energy, and obviously has a much lower threshold for participation. I want more!

I polled the last six stragglers, and the back room at The Field in Central Square, Cambridge was voted as the next venue. We’re currently planning on a Wednesday or Thursday, either June 15 or 16. If you’re in the Boston area and would like to attend, cast your vote for a date by emailing me!

Who made it:

  • Jan Crocker, Jan Crocker Museum Associates, @janmagnolia
  • Ari Davidow, Jewish Women’s Archive @aridavidow
  • Phil Getchell, MFA
  • Sandy Goldberg, SG Scripts @sgscripts
  • Jesse Kochis, MFA @jkochis
  • Ed Rodley, MOS @erodley
  • Jeff Steward, HUAM
  • Patty Toland, Filament Group @pattytoland
  • Ben Wilson, MOS

Jesse started a public Google Calendar to keep track of dates, so if you’re interested in joining us for the next meetup, you should subscribe to this calendar. We’re currently looking at June 15th for our next meeting.  Join us!


  1. Yes, it was fun! Can I put in an early vote for June 15 pretty pretty please?
    (I am out of town on June 16th; going to Portland Museum of Art to speak at their “Making It Meaningful” symposium)
    And YAY on the location choice! I will definitely win the award for “traveled LEAST furthest distance to drink” award.


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