Mobile Apps for Museums book launch!

One of the hardest parts of writing is the waiting period between the writing and the publication. Earlier in the Spring, I wrote a piece for AAM’s latest e-book, in the midst of a zillion other things, like exhibition openings, planning for conference presentations and whatnot. So it’s a bit of a surprise to me that it’s finally coming out. Not surprisingly, AAM was saving the launch for the AAM conference, so you lucky few in Houston will get to get copies before I do. I can’t wait to see how all the other essays! If you’re interested, here’ the blurb from AAM:

Appropriate for the subject, Mobile Apps for Museums: The AAM Guide to Planning and Strategy is being released by The AAM Press as an e-book, along with a separate print edition. The new title is edited by a leader in the field of mobile technologies for museums, Nancy Proctor, head of mobile strategy and initiatives at the Smithsonian Institution.
This collection of thoughtful essays and insightful case studies by an international team of leading practitioners is intended to help guide the museum in its planning and strategy as it explores this exciting and rapidly developing new terrain. Mobile Apps for Museums examines the promise and potential of mobile apps in expanding exponentially the museum’s audience outreach and engagement.

Also, for you folks at the conference, Nancy Proctor will launch the e-book, I imagine at the AAM Bookstore, but check with them. It will happen Monday, May 23, 4–5 PM

Update: @davepatten snapped a pic of it in the bookstore.


  1. Can’t wait to read this! Am an app research enthusiast always looking for ways in which museums can engage audiences more with mobile technologies and the possibilities for app usage/ audience engagement is tremendous! Education Technology Manager for the Art Institute of Chicago -Carolina Kaufman-Education Technology Manager


  2. I am surprised that it is not available in an ebook! I will wait for it. I am a docent, and wish to read the book, but as a heavy iPad user, I am not inclined to read it in paper. How long will it be before it is released? I am giving my first iPad tour this week.


      1. Thanks for this, Ed. Unfortunately, I have not been successful at locating an ePub edition at the site you give, nor others I’ve tried, however I have checked out the other site you provided, which seems to be an extension of the book. I don’t actually see the text of the book there, but I do see what appears to be discussion on the topic, and I know that will be informative. Thanks for your assistance.


  3. Hello Ed, thank you for the response. Unfortunately the link pointing to the aam website is not working. I get a message that says ‘down to maintenance’. I guess I could try again, although a week ago it was also down. Thanks again for your help!


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