Making a museum from scratch: Part One – inspirational readings

While my small reptilian brain tries to ingest and synthesize the many brilliant comments and emails you sent in response to Part One, I thought I’d pass along some of the background reading I’d been doing while writing the first post.

Museums of the future: providing the personal, collaborating with the crowd | Culture professionals network | Guardian Professional Reinventing the Museum: The Evolving Conversation on the Paradigm Shift: Gail Anderson

Center for the Future of Museums: Some Notes on the Future of History Museums

The Future of Museums | HASTAC

What Comes After Digital? – Collections Trust

Seeing museums in 2060 « The Learning Planet

Press Releases New Report Explores Roles of Libraries and Museums in an Era of Participatory Culture


  1. Hi Ed! I am a newly graduated Anthropology major who has just been thrust into my first job! Now don’t get me wrong, I am so thrilled to even have a job in my field (as little as the pay is) because a lot of my anthropology friends aren’t so lucky! However, I have never built a museum before or even managed one, and that is now my responsibility. I mean, I literally am tasked with building a colonial period museum from scratch! I’m glad I found your posts, I think they will be very helpful! However, do you have any other recommendations for resources that might be helpful to me? Currently, I am sitting in the warehouse staring at hundreds of large boxes of artifacts that haven’t been sorted or cataloged in the least bit. I have no idea where to begin! Help!!


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