Drinking About Museums: Boston – the coming months

The July edition of Drinking about Museums: Boston was a rousing success! Over a dozen people descended on the Children’s Museum to learn about their Native Voices exhibition and get stuck in their climbing structure. Those of you who took pictures should send them in!

Afterwards at Lucky’s Lounge, we discussed where we’d like to the next few sessions to occur. A ton of good ideas came up which I’ll discuss below.

Heritage Museum and Gardens

Jan Crocker has proposed holding a DAM session on the Cape at her museum in Sandwich. It’s an hour or so in a car each way, so it’d require more planning than we customarily engage in to get everybody properly carpooled and there and back safely. If you have a high-capacity vehicle (like my Loser Cruiser minivan) and would be willing to chauffeur, drop me a line. If we can score one or two mor vehicles, we could get a good sized group down and back. Perhaps September or October?

Running a mobile game in Back Bay

Kellian Adams, mastermind at Green Door Labs and creator of the Murder at the Met game and Agents of Change, has proposed whipping up a version of one of their mobile games and turning us loose on Newbury Street to play and then adjourn to a local watering hole. It’d be a bit of a departure for us, but that’s what we’re all about, being intrepid. It’d take her some time to organize, so we’d need to pick a month and stick with it. I think September would be good, after the tourists have fled and before it gets too chilly.

Other Boston-area locales

In my informal polling of the July attendees, there were clear favorites of a Boston institution that would be good to visit. Front runners were the MIT Museum, the USS Constitution Museum, The Tea Party Ship Museum, and the ICA. I’m going to try to contact all four before we leave for Australia, and see who expresses interest. If you have friends or colleagues there, drop them a line and see who’s game.

The rough schedule for the rest of the year is shaping up to look like:
August: Boston museum (Constitution or Tea Party ship)
September: mobile gaming in Back Bay
October: Heritage Museum or whatever ship we haven’t seen in August
November: indoor Boston museum
December: indoor Boston museum

As always, your ideas and input are welcome.


  1. hi Ed – I’m working on the first-ever mobile project for the MIT museum right now. I’m sure I could get them to host the group, no problem. Maybe after we launch (soon!) and folks can try out the new mobile. They are making cool 3-D printed ipod cases.


  2. Mmm, new mobile project?! Must have details!

    I’m off to Oz for two weeks tomorrow, so hit up your contacts, please! I’d love to schedule an event in mid late Aug. Aug 16th and Aug 30 look good right now.


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