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Next Drinking About Museums: BOS Jan 22nd, 6PM & more!


2013 was a banner year for Drinking About Museums. The concept went viral, and continues to spread across the globe! Don’t believe me? Check out here and here and here. (And there are more…) Closer to home, we have continued to grow, and in September, we experimented with a new format, Museums Showoff, and drew a bumper crop of new folks into the fold.  What are we gonna do to top that in 2014?


First, we’re announcing the next two months of events right now. Get your calendars and save the dates!

Drinking About Museums: Boston
Wednesday, January 22 at 6pm

Museums Showoff: Boston
Wednesday, February 19 at 6pm (Speakers start at 7pm)

Both events will be in Harvard Square at the fabulous Hong Kong Restaurant
1238 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA 02138


Second, we’re proposing a theme for the January event: Pop-up Museums. Interested in hearing more about them, dreaming one up, maybe even making our own DAM pop-up museum? Let’s talk… We’ll also talk about showing off in February, and whatever strikes your fancy.

Expect to get the hard sell from Jenn and me if you haven’t already volunteered or spoken at the September Show Off.


Third, we’re going to Show Off again!
Our initial Museums Showoff drew a crowd of over 60 to the Hong Kong. Did it inspire you to grab your 9 minutes of glory? If you missed it last time, now is your chance to join in the fun on February 19!  Fill out the form below to claim your spot, or just come watch your colleagues. There are only ten slots, so don’t wait too long to decide!


Fourth, we’ll be rolling out a dedicated site in the near future. Rather than forcing you to wade through my blog or catch it on Twitter or Google+. We’ll continue to use every platform we can think of to spread the word, but we’ll try to build a more permanent home of DAM:BOS.
If you’re not on the mailing list already, you can sign up here.
Hope to see you there and as always, please let us know if you will be able to attend! 
Jenn and Ed

Drinking About Museums: Boston – the Next Generation 9/25/13


Drinking About Museums: Boston, the Next Generation
Museums Showoff: Boston!

Alright, boys and girls! We’ve been threatening it for awhile, and now the time has finally come. We’re upping the ante again for Drinking About Museums: Boston, and trying out a whole new format; Museums Showoff! Part poetry slam, part Ignite-style presentation, 100% museumy goodness! A rapid-fire series of 9 minute talks where your colleagues and compatriots will share what fills them with pride, captures their attention, or piques their curiosity. We’ll have ten slots and keep a couple free for walk-ons. Want to share something awesome? Email Jenn or me to secure your slot. I’ll also put up a Doodle poll in the next couple of days, so you can add yourself.

WHEN: Wednesday, September 25th at 6pm

WHERE: The lovely folks at The Hong Kong Resaurant in Harvard Square (home of the infamous Scorpion Bowl. You have been warned…) have graciously offered us an upstairs space. Such elegance and convenience! Right on the Red Line!

1238 Massachusetts Ave Cambridge, MA 02138

The Hong Kong will provide us with a microphone and monitor if you have a presentation you’d like to share. If you wanna rock it old school with no visuals, feel free. We’ll have a laptop handy, so if you bring a memory stick, we’ll get your content up on screen.

Want to know more about Museums Showoff? Check out the blog by the creators in the UK for a general idea of how they have done it.

Share the news, bring your friends and your enthusiasm, and we’ll hope to see you all there at the first US edition of Museums Showoff!

Drinking About Museums: Boston – June recap

June’s Drinking About Museums was  big hit! We had over 25 people show up at Area Four, and many good conversations were had over drinks and food.  Hats off to you brave newcomers (Mic and Emily, I’m looking at you) who showed up without knowing anyone. We hung out til almost 10PM, always a good sign.

Museums Showoff received a near-unanimous vote of approval from the crew, so we’re gonna try it! the only question is when. Summer is coming and attendance usually drops as folks go on vacation. So the big question is do we try a Museums Showoff event now, or hold off til September and try one once the school years is back in swing. Stay tuned…


We aren’t nearly as demonic in person.



2013-06-13 20.44.59

2013-06-13 20.23.00

“Three hundred twenty-six, twenty-seven, twenty-… No, wait…”

Next Drinking About Museums: BOS, Nov. 28, 6PM

Outtake 38:365 CC BY-ND 2.0 by Flickr user david.dames

Greetings, y’all!

We’ll be kicking it old-school this month and just hanging out. Fear not, though! Your continuing professional development/drinking needs will not be neglected. Jenn Schmitt from the De Cordova, Jim Olson from PEM, and I will be happily  discussing our experiences of the MCN conference in Seattle (which ruled, btw).

Come join us at the  Cambridge Brewing Company in Kendall Square, Cambridge on Wednesday, November 28th at 6PM. I’ll be there a bit before 6PM and try to scope out a good spot. Call or DM me if you need directions.

See ya there,


P.S. As always, forward this to your friends and colleagues you think should join us!

Drinking About Museums: Boston – the coming months

The July edition of Drinking about Museums: Boston was a rousing success! Over a dozen people descended on the Children’s Museum to learn about their Native Voices exhibition and get stuck in their climbing structure. Those of you who took pictures should send them in!

Afterwards at Lucky’s Lounge, we discussed where we’d like to the next few sessions to occur. A ton of good ideas came up which I’ll discuss below.

Heritage Museum and Gardens

Jan Crocker has proposed holding a DAM session on the Cape at her museum in Sandwich. It’s an hour or so in a car each way, so it’d require more planning than we customarily engage in to get everybody properly carpooled and there and back safely. If you have a high-capacity vehicle (like my Loser Cruiser minivan) and would be willing to chauffeur, drop me a line. If we can score one or two mor vehicles, we could get a good sized group down and back. Perhaps September or October?

Running a mobile game in Back Bay

Kellian Adams, mastermind at Green Door Labs and creator of the Murder at the Met game and Agents of Change, has proposed whipping up a version of one of their mobile games and turning us loose on Newbury Street to play and then adjourn to a local watering hole. It’d be a bit of a departure for us, but that’s what we’re all about, being intrepid. It’d take her some time to organize, so we’d need to pick a month and stick with it. I think September would be good, after the tourists have fled and before it gets too chilly.

Other Boston-area locales

In my informal polling of the July attendees, there were clear favorites of a Boston institution that would be good to visit. Front runners were the MIT Museum, the USS Constitution Museum, The Tea Party Ship Museum, and the ICA. I’m going to try to contact all four before we leave for Australia, and see who expresses interest. If you have friends or colleagues there, drop them a line and see who’s game.

The rough schedule for the rest of the year is shaping up to look like:
August: Boston museum (Constitution or Tea Party ship)
September: mobile gaming in Back Bay
October: Heritage Museum or whatever ship we haven’t seen in August
November: indoor Boston museum
December: indoor Boston museum

As always, your ideas and input are welcome.

Next Drinking About Museums: Boston – Thursday, June 7th @ Colonial Inn, Concord

Flickr image by Mr Kael

Howdy, friends!

We’re continuing our ambitious agenda of museum visits followed by drinking, and this month, we’re moving out into the ‘burbs, this time to Lincoln, MA, and the deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum.  Their new Gary Webb show will be up and our hostess, Jennifer Schmitt  is hoping we might do a bit of  brainstorming about how deCordova might employ digital technologies in their future plans. Bring your thinking caps!

We’ll be at deCordova at 4:30PM looking for you.  DM me (@erodley) or Jenn (@bantryhill) if you get lost or delayed.

Afterwards, we will adjourn to The Colonial Inn in Concord for refreshments. It’s a short drive from deCordova, so leave yourself transit time. If you can’t join us for the museum part, come meet us in Concord! Burgers and beer will be had and more conversation will follow!

June 7th, 4:30PM
deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum
51 Sandy Pond Road
Lincoln, MA 01773

drinks following at 6PM 
Concord’s Colonial Inn
48 Monument Sq.
Concord, MA 01742

Please join us for part or all of the festivities!

Drinking About Museums: Boston – March recap

Despite unusually seasonal weather, a brave group made its way north to Salem for our March Drinking About Museum: Boston meetup, at the Peabody Essex Museum.

Double-sided drum, circa 1890 from "Shapeshifting" exhibition

2012 continues to be a growth year for our merry band.  Jim Olson, Director of Integrated Media at PEM, certainly raised the bar for what our meetings could be, by giving us a presentation on PEM’s exhibition development process, the strategy behind the digital interactives in “Shapeshifting” *and* a guided tour of the show, focused on the new media elements. I’ll have to go back to really take in the show. What I saw was remarkable, and you should consider checking it out, especially the exhibition website.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Afterwards, we repaired to the Salem Beer Works for drinks and socializing. It was good to see new faces and new museums represented, and totally worth the moderately treacherous drive home in the snow.

One of the highlights of the evening was the opportunity to learn what PEM was up to, get a peek at their design process and strategy, and then see the final products in situ.  Several people thought it added tremendous value to the event and was worth trying to make a more regular feature.  My question to you is, “What institutions would you like to try to see and learn from?”

Some suggestions included:

Who else should we add to our wish list?

As always, I found it very stimulating, and I got as much out of the event as anybody else. Stay tuned for the announcement of our April meeting, which will hopefully be in Boston, and less of a commute for most of us.