Drinking About Museums: Boston – June recap

June’s Drinking About Museums was  big hit! We had over 25 people show up at Area Four, and many good conversations were had over drinks and food.  Hats off to you brave newcomers (Mic and Emily, I’m looking at you) who showed up without knowing anyone. We hung out til almost 10PM, always a good sign.

Museums Showoff received a near-unanimous vote of approval from the crew, so we’re gonna try it! the only question is when. Summer is coming and attendance usually drops as folks go on vacation. So the big question is do we try a Museums Showoff event now, or hold off til September and try one once the school years is back in swing. Stay tuned…

We aren’t nearly as demonic in person.



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2013-06-13 20.23.00
“Three hundred twenty-six, twenty-seven, twenty-… No, wait…”

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