404 – Getting lost can be part of the experience, too.

  1. I had a brief chat with Jenn Schmitt at the de Cordova Sculpture Park and Museum about 404 pages, those icons of frustration, and her desire to do more with de Cordova’s than just tell you that you screwed up. So, I asked the Twitter for examples. And look what came in!
  2. erodley
    Clever people! Who can pont me at good museum 404 pages!? Ones that tell you about the spirit of the place? Non-museum ex. welcome too.

    Thu, Nov 15 2012 07:44:55
  3. nature_jcp
    @erodley I like ours @MuseumofNature http://www.nature.ca/en/404

    Thu, Nov 15 2012 07:48:42
  4. nicoleebeale
    @erodley, @antorra has some examples from a couple of years ago: http://blog.antorra.com/museums_websites_interesting_404_pages/ Perhaps you could contact her?

    Thu, Nov 15 2012 07:52:27
  5. nature_jcp
    @erodley Of course, this is my favourite 404 page evah http://vimeo.com/26192400

    Thu, Nov 15 2012 08:00:37
  6. rdmond
    @erodley We spiffed up ours recently @guggenheim http://j.mp/S0rdxM

    Thu, Nov 15 2012 08:40:17
  7. BlaireMoskowitz
    @erodley 404 page for @MuseumModernArt is their Ed Ruscha “Oof” : http://www.moma.org/404

    Thu, Nov 15 2012 07:52:34
  8. I like the way that MoMA’sd page actually uses a content connection as well as an object from the collection for their page. I had a tiny little MoMA experience just on that one page.  Then Rui Guerra elaborated…
  9. ruibeep
    I like 404 pages that recommend other pages based on the URL you typed like http://www.laboralcentrodearte.org/en/ahmet-ogut @rdmond @erodley #museweb

    Thu, Nov 15 2012 08:47:42
  10. homebrewer
    @erodley I’ve been flying and missed the original question, but i like ours. Although @ruibeep is right and we should recommend pages…

    Thu, Nov 15 2012 16:39:29
  11. ruibeep
    @erodley @homebrewer Technically, it is quite straightforward. Use words from URL to perform a search query.

    Fri, Nov 16 2012 00:21:26
  12. Simple, yet effective. Here’s where you wound up, is this where you meant to go?
  13. And it continues…
  14. cakehelmit
    @erodley Here’s ours. Not perfect (suggestions would be nice) but I hope conveys spirit.. http://museumvictoria.com.au/404error

    Thu, Nov 15 2012 21:28:53
  15. alli_burnie
    @erodley @homebrewer Using @ruibeep’s technique, found this one http://bit.ly/QhMOVF Discovered a museum via it’s 404 page, whodda thunk it?

    Fri, Nov 16 2012 01:08:49
  16. Got any other examples of museum sites that really make a 404 page more than a dead end? Add your favorite 404 links and maybe we’ll award a prize!

    UPDATE: Dan Phiffer from MOMA has offered up the mother of all 404 pages. I don’t imagine it’ll be topped. Go Cooper-Hewitt!


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